Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sunday, January 03, 2010

3 Idiots

3 Idiots seems to be a simple story of three students in a college and having fun together. But it addresses a bigger problem of the education system in India. When this message is mixed with some good comedy, great acting and decent songs, then the recipe becomes irresistible!

The film stands out in a number of instances...Take the scene where Sharman Joshi lights up a serious scene to the question of starting up an induction motor, Aamir Khan and Madhavan make fun of the khujli roti, Kareena Kapoor's analogy of missile names with Gujarati food and so on.

Though exaggerated for effect, the obsession with parents to force their kids into an engineering or medical college is still prevalent in many places. I think there should be an interim class after X standard where the kids are explained about the different branches of study available to them. Then the children should make their own choices based on their interests. That would be an ideal situation but this film is definitely a step towards that direction.

But the movie is not without its faults. The scene where the baby is delivered using a vacuum machine, every one shouting Aaal is Well which makes the baby come back to life and also the one where kareena kapoor is kidnapped from the wedding makes the second half of the movie a dragging affair.

All said, the movie is still very entertaining and much better than some of the mindless entertainers this year. So I would definitely recommend watching this movie as Aaal is well that ends well!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Another attempt....strike two!

Fun on the run....

Recently I became interested in running and decided to check out the trail around the lake in my apartment. The trail has a beautiful locale around it and takes you into a path with trees on both sides that give you a forest feel. Just the environment gives you the motivation to run more rounds even though I seemed to lose all my energy after a couple of errands.

Only then, I realized energy conservation is a key to cover more distance. But reckless spending of energy led to exhausting my resources within a couple of rounds. But I was happy that I was not causing environmental damage by this and also given the fact that bigger corporations who were supposed to conserve were in fact exhausting energy resources, I did not care that I was burning my own energy. No guilt involved you see! The other relieving factor was that human energy is renewable in the sense that I can gain the energy I lost after the next meal. Unfortunately, there is no alternative energy source as my body had to spend the calories to make me run the whole distance.

But in any case, I concluded that it can make a person healthy, lose calories and improve stamina. So there I decided that I should make more such rounds around the lake and have some fun on the run. So here I am taking my music player and off to the lake.

Monday, January 21, 2008


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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Holding the spirit of the game...?

Well a lot of talk has been going on about the recent controversial decisions at the SCG. Before I rant about the issue, hats off to Kumble and his team for playing the game in its right spirit. I could not stop empathizing myself with the Indian cricket team when Kumble said "When too many things happen at the center, its difficult to concentrate on the game. But we still fought it till the last moment". It was amazing to see the Indian players come out and shake hands with their opponents after their controversial defeat (I would still rate it higher than some of the wins in the past). But after all this, I could not believe that Ricky Ponting still said "We played the game in the right spirit"!! It was apt when one of the senior players pointed out some of the incidents involving the Aussie captain in response to this- His vociferous appeal for Dhoni's catch even after clearly grounding it, his "directions" to Mark Bensen that Sourav Ganguly was "Out" (n the umpire just accepted it!) and his refusal to walk even after a clear nick to the keeper in the first innings when he was at 14.

These are just a few instances from the plethora of frustrating incidents that happened during the game. The "World Champions" were just behaving like a bunch of cry babies who were desperately looking for a win to equal Steve Waugh's record of 16 straight test wins. Even though it would go into the record books that Ricky Ponting's team did equal the record, the test match at SCG would be remembered for all the reasons other than this.

Happy new year!

Happy new year to you all. Everyone of you is a champ in your own respect and so party it hard :). 2007 has been a good year to me with its own ups and downs. Hoping to make 2008 a great year! and wishing you the same too. Here is a free toast to you all!!

More later!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Nice widget!

Found this nice widget embedded with a good song ;).
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